Buhari’s Ally Bakare Calls for an End to ‘Obsolete’ Open Grazing in Nigeria

Tunde Bakare, General Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church has called for an end to open grazing and urged the federal government to separate agricultural pastoralism from terrorist issues.

Mr Bakare who is an ally to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday featured on an ARISE News programme, The Morning Show and said he will bring the issue of the “obsolete” practice of open grazing to the president when the opportunity avails itself.His comments come amid calls for herders to leave certain regions of the country, over concerns related to insecurity, calling on citizens to be careful not to “tear the country apart”.

Pastor Bakare said open grazing needs to end as nations of the earth have gone beyond the practice and will also solve the myriad of issues associated with open grazing.

“Please, let’s be very very careful not to tear this country apart and I am appealing to all men of goodwill to rise to this occasion. There are four issues involved in this matter that I have considered and by the grace of God as soon as I have the opportunity I will also bring to the attention of Mr President,” Mr Bakare told ARISE News.

“One of the issues is open grazing. I think it’s obsolete and it needs to end. It needs to end because the nations of the earth had gone beyond this. I was in Glasgow, I was in Israel, there are so many things we can do about agricultural pastoralism that will stop all the trouble in our land.

“We have lived with Fulanis and Fulanis have lived with us across this land. We must separate this agricultural pastoralism from the second thing the terrorist issues in the forest, the government must evict them.”

By Abel Ejikeme

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