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Death Toll Rises to 45 in Uganda’s Unrest

The death toll in Uganda from last week’s protests has gone up to 45, the police have said.

The Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, on Monday said that 39 men and six women had died. A local media house has quoted security sources as saying that most of the shooting was carried out by plain-clothed operatives, who were recorded by members of the public brandishing guns in the streets.

Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine on Friday told the media that police and other security forces have a right to shoot and kill if protesters “reach a certain level of violence”.

Police said that 11 officers had been attacked and injured by protesters.

Sporadic protests broke out in the capital, Kampala, and other towns as demonstrators called for the release of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine, who had been arrested at a campaign rally.

After two days in detention, he was charged with flouting Coronavirus prevention restrictions and granted bail. He is now back on the campaign trail.

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