Kenya Gives Deadline Over Unclaimed Sex Toys and Drones

Kenya’s customs authorities are ready to auction sex toys, civilian drones and shisha pipes should importers in the country fail to pay relevant fees for the unclaimed items.

The shippers have until the end of the month to pay the fees or risk them being auctioned or destroyed, local Business Daily news site reports.

The items have “clogged” warehouses at the main airport in the capital, Nairobi, the report says.

“Most passengers are unknowledgeable or uninformed on prohibitions of goods such as shisha and sex toys and restrictions imposed on goods such as drones and firearms,” Lilian Nyawanda, Commissioner for Customs and Border Control at the Kenya Revenue Authority, told the news site.

She said that if the items would not have been collected by 30 September they would be auctioned or destroyed.

“The warehouse has very limited capacity owing to the slow rate at which permits are issued for restricted items such as drones or frequency at which destructions are conducted for prohibited imports,” Ms Nyawanda said.

Importers of drones, which have become popular for filming, mapping and agriculture, have to pay a $30 fee.

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