Man Utd Supporters’ Trust release statement in reply to Joel Glazer letter

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) have released a statement in reply to Joel Glazer’s open letter to the fans in which he promised better communication from the club.

The Glazer’s ownership of United has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks following the decision to join the much-maligned – and ultimately unsuccessful – European Super League.a group of people standing in front of a crowd: Manchester United's clash with Liverpool was postponed because of the protest | Getty Images/Getty Images© Getty Images/Getty Images Manchester United’s clash with Liverpool was postponed because of the protest | Getty Images/Getty Images

The decision represented a tipping point for many United fans who’ve long since voiced their concerns over the way the club was being run, with thousands of fans protesting prior to United’s Premier League game against Liverpool recently and causing the match to be postponed after they made their way onto the pitch.

Executive co-chairman Joel Glazer has since been forced to write an open letter to the fans promising better communication moving forward, and MUST have now replied to said letter with a statement of their own, insisting the Glazer’s promises will mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by their actions.

“Joel Glazer today replied to the open letter sent to him last Monday 3rd May by MUST,” the statement read. “This followed on from the letter read out at the emergency Fans’ Forum on the 30th April.

“The response could in theory – and we emphasise in theory only – be a change in direction and approach by the owners versus their silence and disregard for communication over the last 16 years. 

“We will, however, determine our position based on the resulting actions rather than these words alone. We have seen empty words too many times previously. We will seek a mandate from our members and from the wider fanbase before proceeding. We only wish to engage in this process should our supporters want us to. a group of people on a field: Hundreds of fans made their way onto the Old Trafford pitch | OLI SCARFF/Getty Images© OLI SCARFF/Getty Images Hundreds of fans made their way onto the Old Trafford pitch | OLI SCARFF/Getty Images

“The onus remains on the club to put right the problems of the past, not just the European Super League but the overall lack of communication and consultation by the owners. 

“Our primary objective remains to ensure a supporter share scheme is put in place which carries equal voting rights to the shares held by the Glazer family. This scheme would be promoted to the global fanbase and should in turn build a notable stake in the club. 

“Through all this, our goals remain the same and as set out in the open letter to Joel Glazer. We want a new Manchester United, with a meaningful shareholding for supporters and a meaningful say in key areas. This is our objective, and there will be no let up until we get there.”

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